1. Omnivorz - ALBUM OUT NOW! -

  2. InternaLies Demise - Photo-Sin-Thesis

  3. philarock - Double Shots -ep-
    philarock (Phil G the Knowbody and Mark Rockwell)

  4. THE INVISABLE MAN -& the Mistress-

  5. ♥إينفينيتلييحب بلا حدود

  6. The Black Cloud ep
    Phil G the Knowbody & The BBoy ENEA

  7. The Paper Trail ep
    Phil G the Knowbody and BlonJu beats


  9. Lemonade & Apple Trees -Thank You For The Love volume two-

  10. Thank You For The Love
    Phil G the Knowbody and BlonJu

  11. DJ A.I. -Neo Gotham Projects
    DJ A.I.

  12. Respect Ft. Phil G the Knowbody
    Seekz One and DJ Extremidiz

  13. BEAT PANAMA - Interception
    Beat Panama

  14. The One And lOnly

  15. Phuckyawl Productions Remixxxs volume one

  16. Systematic Havoc

  17. the WRECK LOOSE -"last offering LP"-

  18. Philavibe -Rare Phorm
    Philavibe (Phil G the Knowbody & Ill Clinton)

  19. The Whisky & BlackSmoke album

    FIREWATER (Phil G the Knowbody & Black Tokyo)

  21. Philarock -Phormula None

  22. Philavibe-'Phunk Phlav'

  23. Philavibe presents'The Bumrush'(Sneak Preview/EP)

  24. A.S.A.P.!
    Phil G the Knowbody & Soon

  25. A.S.A.P! 2-As Soon And Phil (Deluxe EP) 2011
    Phil G the Knowbody & Soon (A.S.A.P!)

  26. Best of Collabs volume one

  27. PGTK & KREM (Album Sneak preview)
    Phil G the Knowbody & KREM aka Drone Jones

  28. DJ Liquid Presents Phil G The Knowbody & Krem aka Drone Jones - InteGritty
    DJ Liquid, Phil G the Knowbody and Krem aka Drone Jones

  29. DJ Liquid presents - The Best Of Phil G the Knowbody
    DJ Liquid and Phil G the Knowbody

  30. GOLDSTEIN-2084

  31. Secret Wars EP
    DJ A.I. and Phil G the Knowbody

  32. The King Of Hearts (Love Songs Gone Whoreably Wrong volume one)

  33. Take It Or Leave Me (EP)

  34. Too True To Be Good

  35. Motive Ate The Empty Plate (Phuckyawl Productions) -volume 5- (instrumentals)

  36. Phuckyawl Productions -volume one- (intstrumentals)

  37. Silent Phill-dead legend volume one (instrumentals)

  38. Silent Phill-dead legend volume two (instrumentals)

  39. Silent Phill​ -​ dead legend volume three (instrumentals) phuckyawl productions volume 6 & 7

  40. LIESE LOVES HIDDEN TRAXX 7​/​3​/​2012 (Philavibe fam edition)
    Liese Love


  42. The Ride

  43. Philavibe presents...'The Boogie Monsterz'

  44. The Remedy

  45. The "Clean" versions compilation

  46. God Bless The Devil

  47. Shut The Funk Up! (I Dont Do Drugs)

  48. The Life and Rhymes of..

  49. The Shine Inn (new singles)

  50. 40s - Dust Blunts - Tits & cu*ts

  51. The Villonious Monk
    Phil G the Knowbody & BlonJu

  52. The Phil G & Mark Rockwell Mixtape Chronicles vol.1

  53. The Art Of raW Meta-Fours

  54. Gauntlet of the Abominable Flowman

  55. Iron Phil-Aments
    Iron Lung & Phil G the Knowbody

  56. philarock - Double Shots [full ep/1track MP3] 2013
    philarock (Phil G the Knowbody and Mark Rockwell)

  57. Michael Jackson's Milk (sample track from Ordeals new album)
    Ill Clinton and Ordeal featuring Phil G the Knowbody

  58. ShOwdOwN
    CS aka Paco Loco featuring Phil G